The Dispatches from…blog.

In the coming weeks and months I’ll be updating the site with content for trips I’ve taken in the near past and for all my future trips. I’ll also be updating with guides to what’s happening in London. I hope to be able to give you a balanced opinion, both the good and bad as frequently when reading travel guides you rarely hear about some of the negative aspects of places or experiences. I hope to address this in an unbiased and informative way. This is new for me so no doubt I’ll make mistakes but I’m also hoping that over the coming weeks and months my writing will start to sharpen and my posts will continually improve. Thanks for joining me and I hope you enjoy reading my posts.


Albert Bridge at Night 7

2 thoughts on “The Dispatches from…blog.

  1. Very refreshing to hear an unbiased view . I will certainly be a regular visitor to this site to learn more to assist me in making a good judgement on where to go.


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