About Me



Hi, I’m Terry. I’m a Londoner: born, raised and based in the East End.

I hope to be able to give you a balanced and unbiased view about the places I travel to and the things I do. Ever read travel writing and feel that it’s always unrealistically positive? Or that it didn’t represent the experience you had of a certain place? This is the blog for you. I will adress both the good and the bad of places and the challenges that sometimes come with travelling.

Some of the posts I’ll be writing will be about where to find the perfect café for reading and good coffee or Londons best book shops. I will also hope to shed some light on some places in London that are maybe a little off the beaten track, if there is such a thing in London. I’m also happy to take suggestions for a story you’d like to read.

My interests include photography, reading, writing, and history, in particular Victorian London and World War 2. All of the pictures I use are my own.

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I hope you enjoy reading my posts and they inspire you to explore new places.